Get Expert Help Starting Your Trucking Company.

Before forming Trucking Authority Expert, our leadership team accumulated over 40 years of practical experience in the industry.

By trusting the process to Trucking Authority Experts, you are also tapping into a professional history that includes over a million accident-free CDL miles, operating a fleet of over 80 trucks, and over a decade spent teaching the TruckingMBA training program.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Trucking Compliance Solutions.

Wondering how to get your trucking authority?

You’re not alone – starting a trucking company is much more complicated than paying a fee and printing off a license.

You need to ensure DOT compliance, complete compliant driver files, prepare for your new entrant audit, and that’s just scratching the surface.

The process can seem overwhelming, particularly if you have never run a trucking business before.

At Trucking Authority Expert, we combine years of practical trucking industry experience with in-depth knowledge of the different types of authorities to get your operation compliant in a simple, straightforward manner.

The results speak for themselves.


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There is More to Starting Trucking Company than Filing for your Authority.

Let our experts guide you. 
  • Want to do it all yourself?  We have a free class to help you with that.
  • Just want someone to do it all for you?  We can do it from filing to on the road.

Join Trucking.MBA for FREE!!

The Trucking.MBA is an online community guided by experts in their field - Compliance, Insurance, Taxes, Business Structure, Booking Freight, Factoring - to help you start and grow your trucking business. FREE!!!! "Start Your Trucking Company" is a FREE class that is part of the TruckingMBA, that guides you through each step of starting your trucking company.

Looking to get your Trucking Authority?

Let Our Experts Mentor You

You are at the foundation – the beginning – of starting your trucking company.

Don’t following questionable advice from social media or some “expert” that has never started a trucking company – or any company.

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Or join the Trucking.MBA.

Don’t Go It Alone

3 Types of Support

  • DIY Package – 100% Free Start Your Trucking Company Class – led by real industry experts.

  • DIY + Support Package – An expert will complete your DOT/MC Application, review filings, and two 30 min calls.

  • Complete Authority Package – This is the “I simply want to hire someone” package.

⇓⇓⇓ Complete details on all 3 programs below. ⇓⇓⇓


Free “Trucking Company Roadmap”

Book a mentor call with us, and after our call, we will provide you with a detailed report on all the steps you need to take to start your trucking company.

Authority Packages

DIY - Free

In the Trucking.MBA we have a free class called Starting A Trucking Company.

This is the guide that will help you understand the process and learn about the requirements of starting and running a trucking company.

Complete the form below to gain access.

Support Package

If you want to save money or learn to do it yourself, but want a little extra help, this is the package for you.

For $200, you will get:

  • We will complete your DOT/MC application on line. (You will log in and pay the $300 fee to the FMCSA)
  • 2 – 30 minute calls
  • Free access to S.P.A.M. blocker (no scam calls, text, or emails).
  • IRP/IFTA instructions with document review.  *
  • $50 Drug Testing Consortium  ($55 discount) *
  • $40 off Driver File Processing ($45 discount)
  • Free New Authority Letter
  • $200 credit towards Complete Authority Package

* For CDL level


Complete Authority Package

This is the “EASY” button of getting your trucking company started.

You will still have all the educational opportunities, but you simply want an expert to do it all.

The Trucking Company Roadmap will teach you that all authorities are not the same.   This ranges from $699 to $1,399.

(Partial List of what is included)

  • File and Pay for DOT/MC #’s
  • File and Pay for BOC-3
  • File and Pay for 1-2 Truck UCR
  • Complete processing of driver file, including drug testing & Clearinghouse
  • File and Pay for State Permits
  • Complete and File IRP & IFTA
  • 3-months Complete Compliance included
  • Plus, more that gets defined in the Trucking Company Roadmap (this is the process of deciding what you need)

Access our Free Recources

Over the years, we have created 100’s of free resources, including our Youtube channel.

We mentor people online, in person, and on the phone.

Now, we are becoming more formal with how we help people seeking to start a trucking company.

  •  Trucking.MBA is an online community that brings together resources, subject matter experts, and courses.

  • Start Your Trucking Company is a free course hosted in Trucking.MBA

  • 1-on-1 Roadmap Calls take a moment to speak with someone who has worked with 1,000’s of carriers over the years and get your personalized “Trucking Company Roadmap” for FREE!!

Trucking Authority Complete Help

Get Expert Help Starting Your Trucking Company

The Trucking Authority Expert is part of the VLocity Companies.  One of the industries leading safety & compliance companies.
With over 30 years of practical industry experience, our process taps into a professional history that includes:
  • Over 1 million accident-free CDL miles
  • Building a fleet of over 80 trucks (sold the company in 2016)
  • Taught the TruckingMBA to over 1,000 Owner-Operators
  • Started thousands of trucking companies in all 48 states (we no longer work in California)
  • Represented carriers in over 324 audits, with 100% pass rate (as of June 2021)

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Why do we do all this?

The free class we could charge for.

The free “Trucking Company Roapmap”.

Free Mentor Calls.

Why?  Because we believe if you give all you have, you will receive more than you need.

Bill Hood

VLocity Companies

The 10 Key Questions

What type of truck?

Are you running a dry van with a semi?  1 ton dually with 40′ goose neck? 26k lb GVW box truck?

Your answer here will define a good portion of your path toward starting a compliant trucking company.

What State?

Depending on the type of company you are starting, the state you are based in can have a huge impact on what you need.

Knowing the challenges your state my present in the process helps you plan and implement starting your trucking company.

Intra or Inter?

Are you only working in your state (Intra) or will you cross state lines (Inter).

Several times a month, we work with someone that took advice from people that never asked a single question and applied for Interstate authority when they only needed Intrastate.

CDL or Non-CDL?

Often the type of truck you are running will answer this question.  

CDL holders that give advice often don’t know that non-CDL requirements are different.

What is your business structure?

Several years ago, a truck booking keeping service conducted a study and found that over 87% of carriers set-up as LLC’s did not operate their company properly.

Don’t take business structure advice from someone who doesn’t know your situation.

How long have you had your CDL?

I get calls from people with less than 2 years experience (CDL) wanting to start a trucking company.  It kills me to have to tell them that insurance will be 2-3x more expensive.

The good news is they can take this time to learn, save, and pay down debt.  This will put them in a better position for success when they do get started.

Do  you have equipment?

This is an expectation setting question.  During COVID with chip shortages, large carriers that replaced trucks every 3-years are not getting new trucks.

This results in limited supply of used trucks.

Are you leased to a carrier?

This leads to other questions, plus allows us to discuss the challenges we have experienced around plates and 2290’s.

The mistakes that take place can add $1,000’s to the cost of getting started.  We want to make sure there are no surprises when someone applies for plates or leaves a carrier and finds they can’t take their plates with them.

Do you have your own plates?

Cab card, IRP, Plates – these all mean the same thing, and getting a new IRP account is the most frustrating part of this whole process.

Each state has its own requirements, and it is important to start out knowing what is expected. 

This can save time and money.

Additional state permits

Kentucky, New York, New Mexico, and Oregon all have additional permitting requirements.

It is important that you understand what states you may need and the requirements for each state.

“VLocity Group has helped me through many issues and are the only company I will work with for my safety & compliance."

Paul Stevens – ODB Trucking LLC

"Someone asked me why I selected VLocity to set-up my trucking company. Short answer - it felt right. Lauren & Bill taught me more about what I needed than anyone else - AND NEVER EXPECTED ME TO HIRE THEM. "

Ben T. – Hunting It Down, LLC

"When someone on FB asked who they should call, VLocity came up multiple times. When you talk to them, you will know why."

Haji  – HMS Logistics LLC

Strategic Advice Based on Your Needs.

Let’s Us Be Your Guide 


New Authorities

From Alambama to Wyoming – Many states have their own quirks.

From Semi Trucks to Box Trucks – Permits, licensing, and taxes – each weight class has different requirements.

From CDL to Non-CDL – Make sure you are being compliant with the DOT.


Audits Completed

For carriers that care about safety, the #1 reason for audits is not understanding the regulations.

But many “experts” have never participated in an audit.  


Free Training & Advice

We moved the TruckingMBA online to expand the number of people we can help.

And we added the “Starting a Trucking Company” course that anyone can participate in for FREE!!

From The Trucking.MBA

VLocity Companies has created a free training resource for anyone running or starting a trucking company called the Trucking MBA.

We even have a FREE class, “Starting a Trucking Company”.

Join by going to Trucking.MBA